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SoA alfonso.png
Ship Cygnus
Valuan Battleship
Birthday Silver November 6th
Age 28
Height 180cm (5'10¾")
Weight 70kg (154.3 lbs)
Weapon Sabre
Hobby Extravagant parties
Likes Fame
Dislikes Galcian
Policy A man’s worth is determined by their lineage
Japanese Voice Actor Ryōtarō Okiayu
English Voice Actor Jerry Lawrence

Alfonso (アルフォンソ), the Admiral of the First Fleet of the Armada, is a handsome young man and a haughty narcissist that overestimates his own abilities. Within the privileged classes of the Valuan Empire, he is from a distinguished aristocratic family. He is still young among the members of the Armada, but he considers anyone who is not of noble class less than human. He'll carry out misdeeds without a second thought if it means he can protect his status and prestige.

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