Crescent Isle

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For information on the island it was previously, see Deserted Island.
Crescent Isle
Crescent Isle.jpg
Save Point(s) Crescent Isle Port
Crescent Isle Village Ship Save Point.png
Cham(s) 2
Moonfish 2
Crew Brabham

Headquarters System[edit | edit source]

Building Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Living Quarters (Izmael: 2000g, Kirala: 2000g)
  • Tavern (Izmael: 1500g, Kirala: 1500g)
  • Kalifa's Tent (Izmael: 1000g, Kirala: 1000g)
  • Fountain (Izmael: 500g, Kirala: Rock Fountain - 500g, Cupil Fountain - 5000g)
  • Fish (Kirala: ???g)
  • Merida's Stage (Cost: ???g)
  • Relief (Izmael: 1000g)
  • Pinta's Animals (Cost: 500g, Colorful-South = Flamingo, Scary-West = Alligator, Cute-East = Panda)

Reliefs[edit | edit source]

Izmael will sculpt a relief with the options set between Vyse, Aika, and Fina.

Shop Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Osman (Cost: 2000g)
  • Ryu-kan (Cost: 4000g)
  • Ilchymis (Cost: 1000g)
  • Urala (Kitchen Cook) (Cost: 1000g)
  • Polly (Kitchen Cook) (Cost: 1000g)

Enemy Formations[edit | edit source]

Type Magic Exp Enemies
Scripted 4 MB100.png MB100.png MB100.png
Event 0 MG024.png MB100.png MB100.png
10 MG110.png

Special Items[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

Khazim can run the ship store until Belle is recruited, who then permanently takes over store duties.

①=After donating money to the respective shop owner

Ryu-kan's Forge
Item Retail Price
Windslicer 8760 (DC)
Captain's Cloak 4500 (DC)
Blessed Robe 4980 (DC)
Insulated Mail 5180 (DC)
Radiant Fur 3580 (DC)
Skull Cap 4300 (DC)
Soul Sword 12340 (DC)
Moon Wing 10170 (DC)
Dragon Arm 11850 (DC)
Stoneblade 9850 (DC)
Gilder Special 9460 (DC)
Gaia Cape 5910 (DC)
Robe of Faith 6510 (DC)
Plated Armor 7430 (DC)
Robe of Truth 4590 (DC)
Crescent Amulet 5710 (DC)
Critical Vision 6660 (DC)
Shard of Purity 4760 (DC)
Ilchymis' Lab
Item Retail Price
Sacri Crystal 20 (DC)
Sacres Crystal 60 (DC)
Sacrum Crystal 600 (DC)
Sacrulen Crystal 200 (DC)
Magic Droplet 40 (DC)
Magic Dew 400 (DC)
Curia Crystal 30 (DC)
Risan Crystal 150 (DC)
Riselem Crystal 450 (DC)
Glyph of Might 100 (DC)
Glyph of Speed 100 (DC)
Healing Salve 50 (DC)
Paranta Seed 5000 (DC)
Icyl Seed 5000 (DC)
Zaal Seed 5000 (DC)
Sylph Seed 5000 (DC)
Vidal Seed 5000 (DC)
Magus Seed 5000 (DC)
Osman's Store
Item Retail Price
Pyri Box 400 (DC)
Crystales Box 800 (DC)
Wevles Box 800 (DC)
Electri Box 400 (DC)
Sacri Box 800 (DC)
Sylenis Box 600 (DC)
Panika Box 1200 (DC)
Slipara Box 1200 (DC)
Pyrum Box 1200 (DC)
Crystalen Box 1600 (DC)
Wevlen Box 1600 (DC)
Electrum Box 1200 (DC)
Sacrulen Box 1200 (DC)
Driln Box 600 (DC)
Khazim's/Belle's Store
Item Retail Price
Ancient Cannon 8500 (DC)
Wevl Cannon 10200 (DC)
Arcwhale Torpedo 6800 (DC)
Goddess Figure 6800 (DC)
Air Intake 6800 (DC)
Chandelier 9300 (DC)
Shredder Bomb 480 (DC)
Complete Kit 300 (DC)
Rudder Grease 2000 (DC)
Machine Oil 2000 (DC)