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Position Image Name Location Recruitment Blue Rogues Ship Effect
Helmsman Crew01.png Lawrence Sailors' Island Speak to him and pay 10,000 Gold. Attacker Automatic: Quick+30
Crew02.png Don Esparanza Speak to him after receiving the Blue Crystal. Healer Automatic: Dodge%+15
Engineer Crew03.png Brabham Crescent Isle Automatic. Healer Automatic: Defense+20
Crew04.png Hans Horteka
Soltis Airspace
Speak to him once and accept his proposal, and speak to him again after receiving the Blue Crystal.
If Soltis has risen, find the Ironclad and speak to him.
Healer Automatic: MagDef+15
Gunner Crew05.png Belle Crescent Isle Speak to her. Attacker Automatic: Secondary Cannons Attack+50
Crew06.png Khazim Nasrad Speak to him. Attacker Automatic: Main Cannons Attack+35
Lookout Crew07.png Tikatika Horteka Speak to him after finding the Ixa'ness Village Discovery. Attacker Automatic: Torpedo Hit%+80
Crew08.png Domingo Gordo's Bistro Speak to him after finding 30 Discoveries. Healer Crew Command: Increases chances of Critical hits (Costs 6 Spirit)
Merchant Crew09.png Osman Nasrad Speak to her. Healer Automatic: Increased chance of finding expensive items
Crew10.png Kalifa Maramba Speak to her after obtaining a Suiran Blade. Healer Automatic: Increased chance of finding rare items
Builder Crew11.png Izmael Crescent Isle Automatic. Attacker Automatic: S-Cannon Attack+100
Crew12.png Kirala Yafutoma Speak to her. It does not matter how you reply. Attacker Crew Command: Fully restore ship's HP (Costs 7 Spirit)
Cook Crew13.png Polly Sailors' Island Speak to her. Healer Crew Command: Restores 10 MP to one character (Costs 6 Spirit)
Crew14.png Urala Yafutoma Speak to her after recruiting Kirala. Healer Crew Command: Full Spirit Meter (Costs 15 Spirit)
Artisan Crew15.png Ryu-kan Ryu-kan's Island Speak to him after obtaining the Swashbuckler Rating "Vyse the Daring" and after receiving the Blue Crystal. Attacker Crew Command: Increased Attack and Defense (Costs 15 Spirit)
Crew16.png Ilchymis Ilchymis' Island Speak to him and invite him. When he declines, leave and come back and speak to him again after one party member learns Riselem. Healer Crew Command: Increased Stats (Costs 8 Spirit)
Sailor Crew17.png Marco Delphinus Find him in the Delphinus bridge. Attacker Crew Command: Recover twice as much Spirit (Costs 8 Spirit)
Crew18.png Robinson The Dark Rift Speak to him with Polly in your active crew. Attacker Crew Command: Halves Spirit consumption (Costs 8 Spirit)
Jester Crew19.png Pow Pirate Isle Speak to him. Attacker Crew Command: Increased chance of attacking first
Crew20.png Merida Horteka Speak to her after obtaining the Note in a Bottle. Healer Automatic: Value+10000
Delegate Crew21.png Moegi Yafutoma Automatic. Healer Crew Command: Blocks enemy Magic for 1 round (Costs 10 Spirit)
Crew22.png Pinta Sailors' Island Speak to him. Attacker Blocks enemy attacks for 1 round (Costs 10 Spirit)