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SoAL enrique.png
Ship Delphinus
Birthday Purple March 4th
Age 25
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 63kg (138.9 lbs)
Weapon Rapier
Hobby Reading
Weakness Ships (seasickness)
Goal A world without war
Conviction To correct the path Valua is taking
Relative(s) Teodora (mother)
Gregorio ("uncle")
Japanese Voice Actor Sōichirō Hoshi
English Voice Actor Robb McCulloch

Enrique (エンリック) is the son of Empress Teodora and the Crown Prince of the Valuan Empire. In the military country of Valua, he is a moderate who insists on making friendly relationships with other countries. He has a very strong sense of justice and objects to Teodora’s and Galcian’s unyielding world conquest. Conversely, he is also rather fainthearted under the pressure of his mother's berating.

Musical Theme[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All playable characters predominantly wear a color of the month they were born in, in Enrique's case Purple March.

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Battle Enrique.jpg
Initial Statistics
Lv 24 Power 102 Attack 224
MAXHP 2423 Vigor 93 Defense 232
MAXMP 14 Will 129 MagDef 232
Spirit 2 Agile 16 Hit% 105
MAXSpirit 9 Quick 105 Dodge% 21
Initial Equipment
Weapon Rapier
Armor Enrique's Coat
Accessory Imperial Crest
Initial Abilities and Magic Experience Needed
Green Sacri Sacres Noxi 219 441 812
Red Pyri Increm Pyres 270 540 976
Purple Crystali Crystales Sylenis 243 499 926
Blue Wevli Quika Wevles 255 504 907
Yellow Electri Driln Electres Electrum 337 598
Silver Curia Risan 216 531 1111 2091

Enrique is a playable character in Skies of Arcadia.

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