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SoAL fina.png
Ship Fina's ship
Birthday Silver December 1st
Age 17
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 50kg (110.2 lbs)
Weapon Cupil (mysterious lifeform)
Hobby Afternoon naps
Strength Memory
Weakness Exercise
Likes Flowers
Japanese Voice Actor Yui Horie
English Voice Actor Julissa Aguirre

Fina (ファイナ) is a girl who, with certain events, takes action with Vyse. Very quiet, but the smile she shows at times makes you feel her kind heart. She wears clothes of a foreign world, but no one, not even Vyse, knows where she is from.

A lady of mysterious origins. She brought along a mysterious creature called Cupil.

With an abundant knowledge of ancient times, she seems to possess information about the legendary treasures known as Moon Crystals, and it seems because of this she is being pursued by the Valuan Empire’s Imperial Armada. With the help of Vyse, together she’s able to continue her important mission.

A kind lady with a reserved heart, her naiveté sometimes causes her to ask silly questions. At first, she was cautious towards Vyse and company, but little by little she began opening her heart.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All playable characters predominantly wear a color of the month they were born in, in Fina's case Silver December.

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Battle Fina.jpg
Initial Statistics
Lv 1 Power 13 Attack 71
MAXHP 300 Vigor 15 Defense 70
MAXMP 6 Will 41 MagDef 95
Spirit 1 Agile 12 Hit% 120
MAXSpirit 4 Quick 21 Dodge% 12
Initial Equipment
Weapon Cupil
Armor Fina's Robe
Accessory Silver Veil
Initial Abilities and Magic Experience Needed
Green 4 18 52 123 247 453
Red 7 34 99 237 486 900
Purple 7 33 93 222 450 831
Blue 7 32 93 216 436 806
Yellow 7 34 100 240 495 919
Silver Curia Risan 140 333 688 1272

Fina is a playable character in Skies of Arcadia.

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