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SoAL gilder.png
Ship Claudia
Birthday Red July 20th
Age 32
Height 192cm (6'3½")
Weight 105kg (231.5 lbs)
Weapon Pistol
Hobby Gambling
Strength Womanizing
Likes Women, treasure, outrageous adventures, thrills
Dislikes Pigheads
Policy To live as freely as one pleases
Japanese Voice Actor Norio Wakamoto
English Voice Actor Jay Styne
Flag Flag gilder.png

Gilder (ギルダー Gilder) is an acknowledged Blue Rogue Captain of the Pirate Ship the Claudia whose motto is to live as freely as one pleases. He wanders the skies in search of vast treasures, beautiful women, and "excitement." One can easily see him as a light-spirited wandering gentleman of extraordinary talents who promptly flirts with any attractive lady he sees, but in reality, even the other Pirates and Valuan Forces recognize his skill. No matter what kind of pinch he falls into, he'll still crack jokes while maintaining his composure.

Musical Theme[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All playable characters predominantly wear a color of the month they were born in, in Gilder's case Red July.
  • Gilder may be a corrupted spelling of Guilder, a former currency of the Netherlands.
  • The Gouka Visual Book lists his height as 195cm but all other publications list it as 192cm.

Japanese Information[edit | edit source]

Eternal Arcadia Gouka Visual Book[edit | edit source]


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Battle Gilder.jpg
Initial Statistics
Lv 24 Power 137 Attack 252
MAXHP 2879 Vigor 116 Defense 243
MAXMP 9 Will 94 MagDef 226
Spirit 2 Agile 14 Hit% 100
MAXSpirit 9 Quick 111 Dodge% 14
Initial Equipment
Weapon Gilder's Own
Armor Gilder's Mail
Accessory Gilder's Amulet
Initial Abilities and Magic Experience Needed
Green Sacri Noxi 190 450 918 1694
Red Pyri Increm Pyres 330 670 1228
Purple Crystali Crystales Sylenis 321 643 1178
Blue Wevli Quika 171 390 778 1411
Yellow Electri Driln 174 399 801 1461
Silver Curia 168 486 1140 2326 4296

Gilder is a playable character in Skies of Arcadia.

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