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List of Skies of Arcadia locations/Other Languages

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Airspace[edit | edit source]

Image Japanese English German French Spanish
Mid Ocean.jpg
オーシャン (The Ocean) Mid Ocean Mid Ocean - -
Valuan Empire.jpg
バルア帝国空域 (Valuan Empire Airspace, Barua Empire Airspace) Valuan Airspace valuanischer Luftraum - -
Nasr Kingdom.jpg
ナスル王国空域 (Nasr Kingdom Airspace) Nasr Airspace nasrischer Luftraum - -
South Ocean.jpg
サウスオーシャン (South Ocean) South Ocean South Ocean - -
Ixa'taka Kingdom.jpg
モンテスマ王国空域 (Montezuma Kingdom Airspace) Ixa'taka Airspace ixa'takischer Luftraum - -
North Ocean.jpg
ノースオーシャン (North Ocean) North Ocean North Ocean - -
Frontier Lands.jpg
辺境空域 (Frontier Airspace) Frontier Lands Grenzländer - -
The Dark Rift (airspace).jpg
魔の空域 (Devil's Airspace) the Dark Rift Dark Rift - -
Yafutoma (airspace).jpg
ヤフトマー空域 (Yafutoma Airspace) Yafutoma Airspace yafutomaischer Luftraum - -
Lands of Ice.jpg
氷の大陸空域 (Ice Continent Airspace) Lands of Ice Area Lands of Ice - -
大雲海 (Great Cloud Sea) Deep Sky Deep Sky - -
Soltis (airspace).jpg
アトランティア大陸空域 (Atlantia Continent Airspace) Soltis Airspace rixischer Luftraum - -
喜望峰空域 (Cape of Good Hope Airspace) Cape Victory Cape Victory - -
南ダネル空峡 (South Danel Strait) Could be a reference to the Dardanelles, a strait in Northwestern Turkey South Dannel Strait South Dannel Strait - -
北ダネル空峡 (North Danel Strait) Could be a reference to the Dardanelles, a strait in Northwestern Turkey North Dannel Strait North Dannel Strait - -

Locations[edit | edit source]

Image Japanese English German French Spanish
Pirate Isle.jpg
空賊島 (Sky Pirates Isle) Pirate Isle Pirate Isle - -
Shrine Island.jpg
神殿島 (Shrine Island) Shrine Island Shrine Island - -
Sailors' Island.jpg
船乗り島 (Sailors' Island, Island of Sailors) Sailors' Island Sailors' Island - -
Valuan Capital.jpg
バルア帝都 (Valuan Imperial Capital) Valuan Capital Valuan Capital - -
Lower City.jpg
バルア下級都市 (Lower City Valua) Lower City Valua Lower City Valua - -
カタコンベ (Catacombs) Catacombs Catacombs - -
コロシアム (Coliseum) Coliseum Coliseum - -
Upper City.jpg
バルア上級都市 (Upper City Valua) Upper City Valua Upper City Valua - -
マランバ (Maramba) Maramba Maramba - -
Temple of Pyrynn.jpg
ピュラミス神殿 (Shrine/Temple of Pyramis) Temple of Pyrynn Temple of Pyrynn - -
ホルテカ (Horteka, Holteka) Horteka Horteka - -
King's Hideout.jpg
王の小屋 (The King's Cabin) King's Hideout King's Hideout - -
Moon Stone Mountain.jpg
石鉱山 (Gekkouseki Mines) Moon Stone Mtn. Moon Stone Mtn. - -
ドラド (Dorado) Rixis Rixis - -
Maw of Tartas (shrine).jpg
タルタスの神殿 (Shrine/Temple of Tartas/Tarutas) Maw of Tartas Maw of Tartas - -
Deserted Island.jpg
無人島 (Deserted Island) Deserted Island Deserted Island - -
ナスラード (Nasrad/Naslard) Nasrad Nasrad - -
Daccat's Island.jpg
宝島 (Treasure Island) Daccat's Island Daccat's Island - -
Grand Fortress.jpg
ガルガンチュア要塞 (Gargantua Fortress) Grand Fortress Grand Fortress - -
エスペランザ (Esperanza) Esparanza Esparanza - -
The Dark Rift (dungeon).jpg
サルガッソー (Sargasso) The Dark Rift The Dark Rift - -
Yafutoma (town).jpg
ヤフトマー (Yafutoma) Yafutoma Yafutoma - -
Mount Kazai.jpg
フガク (Fugaku) Mount Kazai Mount Kazai - -
Tenkou Island.jpg
テンコウの島 (Tenkou's Island) Tenkou Island Tenkou Island - -
Crescent Isle.jpg
三日月島 (Island Crescent, Crescent Isle) Crescent Isle Crescent Isle - -
氷の遺跡 (Ruins of Ice, Shrine of Ice) Ruins of Ice Ruins of Ice - -
Maw of Tartas (dungeon).jpg
タルタスの穴 (Tartas Caves) Maw of Tartas Maw of Tartas - -
Dangral Island.jpg
ダングラール基地 (Dangral Base, Dangurarl Base, Danglars Base) Dangral Island Dangral Island - -
大渦巻 (Maelstrom, Whirlpool) The Vortex Ship Save Point.png The Vortex - -
Great Silver Shrine.jpg
銀の大神殿 (Silver Sanctuary, Great Silver Shrine) Great Silver Shrine Great Silver Shrine - -
Soltis (continent).jpg
アトランティア大陸 (Atlantia Continent) Soltis Soltis - -
Gordo's Bistro.jpg
ドブラのレストラン (Dobra's Restaurant) Gordo's Bistro Gordo's Bistro - -
Ryu-kan's Island.jpg
リュウカンの島 (Ryu-kan's Island) Ryu-kan's Island Ryu-kan's Island - -
Ilchymis' Island.jpg
アルキュミスの島 (Alchymis' Isle) Ilchymis' Island Ilchymis' Island - -
Hamachou Island.jpg
ハマチョウ島 (Hamachou Isle) Hamachou Island Hamachou Island - -
バルア帝都廃虚 (Valuan Imperial Capital Ruins) Valuan Ruins Valuan Ruins - -