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Save Point(s) Maramba Port
Maramba Inn
Cham(s) 1
Moonfish 2
Crew Kalifa

Maramba is a town in the Nasr Kingdom.

Enemy Formations[edit | edit source]

Type Magic Exp Enemies
WantedNGC.png 6 MG070.png MG080.png

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

Quemal's Weapons
Item Retail Price
Nasr Cutlass 1340 (DC)
Nasrean Mail 920 (DC)
Ceramic Armor 1040 (DC)
Agile Robe 930 (DC)
Nomadic Veil 640 (DC)
Sand Storm Ring 770 (DC)
Vala's Item Shop
Item Retail Price
Sacri Crystal 20 (DC)
Sacres Crystal 60 (DC)
Magic Droplet 40 (DC)
Glyph of Might 100 (DC)
Glyph of Speed 100 (DC)
Healing Salve 50 (DC)
Dak's Ship Parts
Item Retail Price
Heavy Cannon 1900 (DC)
3"Cannon 700 (DC)
Light Torpedo 1520 (DC)
Rogue Figure 800 (DC)
Turbo Kit 1520 (DC)
Steel Deck 1900 (DC)
Big Bomb 150 (DC)
Pyro Bomb 450 (DC)
Repair Kit 30 (DC)
Deluxe Kit 75 (DC)
Apa Wax 100 (DC)
Mystery Merchant
Item Retail Price
Thermo Ring 2080 (DC)
Slayer Ring 1010 (DC)
Crystales Box 800 (DC)
Sylenis Box 600 (DC)
Tuna Cutlass Ship Save Point.png 22222 (DC)
Swirlmerang Ship Save Point.png 11111 (DC)
Sky Fang Ship Save Point.png 50000 (GC)