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Moonfish are fish flying around towns or dungeons that can be fed to Maria's pet hamachou. Feeding the hamachou rewards Vyse with items and backstory surrounding Doc, Maria, and Ramirez.

Moonfish Locations[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. Riselem Crystal
  2. Warrior's Rune
  3. Flame Mantle
  4. Gem of Fluidity
  5. Sky Sardis ×50
  6. Aura of Valor
  7. Counter Bracer
  8. Riselem Box
  9. Female Armor
  10. White Map
  11. Romuhai Fish ×30, Grule ×30
  12. Warrior's Heart
  13. Ancient Bracer
  14. Magillex Idol
  15. Ghost Mail
  16. Sword of Daccat
  17. Gold Bullion ×2
  18. Constitution Gem
  19. Defensive Aura
  20. Euconyx Idol
  21. Fiber Mail
  22. Marksman Gun
  23. Hydra Wing, Silver Arm, Serpent Strike
  24. Moon Hamachou