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Sailors' Island

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Sailors' Island
Sailors' Island.jpg
Save Point(s) Sailors' Island Inn
Cham(s) 1
Moonfish 2

Enemy Formations[edit | edit source]

Type Magic Exp Enemies
WantedNGC.png 6 MG105.png MG125.png MG125.png MG125.png

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Special Items[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

①=After Grand Fortress ②=After escaping the Grand Fortress a second time ③=After obtaining the Blue MoonCrystal

Roscoe's Weapons
Item Retail Price
Sky Cutlass 450 (DC)
Hook Hand 580 (DC)
Sailor Uniform 330 (DC)
Mystic Dress 310 (DC)
Gemstone Ring 150 (DC)
Throkryn's Scale 300 (DC)
Scout Wing 680 (DC)
Beak Hand 880 (DC)
Elastomor 580 (DC)
Raincoat 560 (DC)
Crylhound's Claw 420 (DC)
Thief's Aura 330 (DC)
Ixa'takan Armor 2790 (DC)
Naval Uniform 2470 (DC)
Prophet's Sand 890 (DC)
Moondust Ring 1530 (DC)
Thryllak's Scale 2300 (DC)
Burocca's Shell 1920 (DC)
Flutter Blade 8910 (DC)
Mining Arm 9980 (DC)
Valuan Pistol 8140 (DC)
Vengeance Armor 6460 (DC)
Swift Dress 5670 (DC)
Blue Rogue Patch 6820 (DC)
Bonita’s Items
Item Retail Price
Sacri Crystal 20 (DC)
Magic Droplet 40 (DC)
Curia Crystal 30 (DC)
Sacres Crystal 60 (DC)
Sacrum Crystal 600 (DC)
Magic Dew 200 (DC)
Sacrulen Crystal 400, 200 (DC)
Risan Crystal 150 (DC)
Glyph of Might 100 (DC)
Glyph of Speed 200, 100 (DC)
Healing Salve 400, 50 (DC)
Chom 3000 (DC)
Riselem Crystal 450 (DC)
Lor's Ship Parts
Item Retail Price
Standard Cannon 1000 (DC)
3"Cannon 700 (DC)
Engine Cover 800 (DC)
Armored Deck 1000 (DC)
Bomb 400 (DC)
Repair Kit 30 (DC)
X Cannon 11000 (DC)
Pyril Cannon 13200 (DC)
Compound Deck 5500 (DC)
Apo Wax 1000 (DC)
Speed Wax 150 (DC)
Complete Kit 300 (DC)
Mystery Merchant
Item Retail Price
Thermo Ring 2080 (DC)
Slayer Ring 1010 (DC)
Crystales Box 800 (DC)
Sylenis Box 600 (DC)
Tuna CutlassSDC.png 22222 (DC)
SwirlmerangSDC.png 11111 (DC)
Sky FangNGC.png 50000 (GC)