Skies of Arcadia: Trial Edition

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Skies of Arcadia: Trial Edition (エターナルアルカディア 空賊版 Eternal Arcadia: Air Pirate Edition) is the trial version of Skies of Arcadia.

Version Differences[edit | edit source]

The layout of Pirate Isle Underground is significantly different from the final product. NPCs that are found in Esparanza can be found here.

Activate Debug[edit | edit source]

At the game select screen, highlight Skies of Arcadia. While holding both triggers down, press start twice - DO NOT let up on the triggers. Let the demo load up while still holding down the triggers. At the seizure warning screen, (still holding triggers) hit start and then the A button two or three times. You can now let up on the triggers. You should now be at a screen that says CESA ROM Aug 8, 2000 10:13:12 and it will have a bunch of japanese text in a menu. Selecting the first set of japanese characters will take you into a screen that has japanese text on the very top, and the word scene followed by the number 103a. You can adjust the numbers by using the triggers and dpad. Left trigger increases the hundreds, right trig decreases the hundreds, with five being the highest available number. Up and down on the dpad adjust the tens and ones values, left right adjusts the letters from a to z.