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In order to become a famous pirate, one must increase their Swashbuckler rating. Negative actions like running away from battles will affect your rating, but throughout the game there are choices you can make that will influence your reputation.

Swashbuckler Ratings[edit | edit source]

Rating Points Needed
Vyse the Ninny 0-5
Vyse the Coward 6-95
Vyse the Unimpressive 96-105
Vyse the Blue Rogue 106-115
Vyse the Competent 116-125
Vyse the Determined 126-135
Vyse the Respected 136-145
Vyse the Admirable 146-155
Vyse the Bold 156-165
Vyse the Valiant 166-175
Vyse the Daring 176-185
Vyse the Dashing 186-195
Vyse the Fearless 196-205
Vyse the Hero 206-215
Vyse, King of Rogues 216-225
Vyse the Legend 226-∞

Special Legends Ratings[edit | edit source]

These ratings are only in Skies of Arcadia Legends. In order to obtain any of these ratings, you need 226 points. All ratings lower on the list supersede the ratings higher on the list, except for Vyse the Fallen Pirate which can only be removed after defeating Vize the Imposter.

Rating Prerequisite
Vyse the Fallen Pirate Automatically received after Yafutoma
Vyse the Charismatic Recruit all potential crewmembers
Vyse the Extravagant Possess at least 1,000,000 Gold and all items that increase the ship's Value:
Vyse the Battle Lord Defeat at least 2,500 enemies
Vyse the Fisher King Catch 1000 fish
Sky Battle King Vyse Defeat 12 optional ship battles including the four giant monsters:
Vyse the Exploration King Find all Discoveries and 90% of treasure chests
Vyse the Bounty King Defeat all Wanted Battles
Vyse the Legend Find all treasures, discoveries, wanted battles, and complete the Doc sidequest

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Fina Huh…
Isn't that a nice name (+2) What a strange name (-3) Where'd you come from? (±0)
Defend Fina (±0) Stay silent and listen (+2)
That's no problem! (+2) Maybe (±0)
What will you do!?
Let's save everyone! (+3) We can't win with just the two of us… (-2)
How shall you answer?
Ah, I'll definitely return! (+2) I can't say for sure… (±0)
What will you do!?
We'll fight it (±0) Let's run away (+2) …What will we do? (-3)
How will you respond?
Go right to the point (±0) Beat around the bush (+1)
What will you do?
Okay, we'll go! (+2) I have to decline (±0)
What will you do?
Let's save everyone right now! (±0) Let's sneak into the Coliseum! (+3) Hmm… What do we do? (-4)
What will you do?
Let's rescue Fina (+3) Let's lay low (±0)
What will you do?
I refuse! (+4) …All right(-8)
Ah, leave it to us! (+4) Hmm, let me think about it (-6)
How shall you respond?
Hahaha… was it obvious? (+1) Huh… what're you talking about? (±0)
How shall you respond?
Okay, we'll accept your offer! (+2) Hmm… I don't know what to do (±0)
A method…
We'll attack Belleza's ship (+3) Let's keep going and ram into it (-3)
What to do…
We'll go to Moon Stone Mtn.s! (+2) Let's look for Rixis ourselves! (±0)
What will you do?
All right, we'll go with you (+2) I don't think we stand a chance… (-2)
What will you do?
I have an important message (+1) Shut up and let us through (±0)
What will you do!?
Throw down weapons and surrender (+2) Fight anyway (±0)
What will you do?
Let's get on (+2) It might be a trap… (±0)
Ah, of course! (+3) Sorry, but we can't trust you (-2)
I wonder what to do?
Ah, leave it to me! (+3) It's not possible for me… (±0)
Fina Huh…
Say something supportive (+3) Cheer her up (+3)
What will you do?
I refuse! (+3) Surrender… (-4)
What will you do?
Stop them by force! (±0) It's too bad… but we shouldn't (+1)
What will you do!?
Let's save Mikado! (±0) Let's escape (+1)
What will you do?
Of course! (+2) We can't join forces with the Tenkou (±0)
A way to return…
Let's go through The Dark Rift… (±0) Let's try going East (+2)
Purple Moon Stone's Power?
Power of Fire (-2) Power of Ice (+2) Power of Lightning (±0)
The number hidden in the crest?
Perhaps two? (+2) Maybe four? (±0) Possibly six? (-2)
Strength and Valour (-2) Willpower and Spirit (+2) Vigor and Healing (±0)
Yeah, we should let him go (+3) Let's stop him somehow (±0)
Take care of yourself! (+3) Won't you reconsider? (±0) Don't get seasick! (+4)
The Moon Crystals!?
Like I'll hand them over! (+2) All right… I'll hand them over (±0)
The fight starts here! (+3) We can always take back what was taken away! (+3)
… I understand (+2) Everyone's worried about you (±0)
Of course! (+3) We'd go anywhere with you! (+3)
Don't be ridiculous!! (+3) Let me think about it (-8)
Let's protect our skies! (+3) Let's show them what Sky Pirates are made of! (+3)
I'm nervous too (+3) Yeah, this isn't like you (+4)
Reply cheerfully (+3) Say nothing and hug her shoulder (+4)
All right!
Pirates, head out! (+3) Everyone, let's show them what we're made of! (+4)

Valua's Wanted List[edit | edit source]

The following list can appear on Valua's wanted list at Sailors' Island. Only appears in the GameCube port.