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SoA teodora.png
Birthday Yellow October 15th
Age 55
Height 164cm (5'4½")
Weight 61kg (134.5 lbs)
Hobby Jewel collecting
Goal For Valua to conquer the world
Dislikes Defiance
Relative(s) Enrique (son)
Japanese Voice Actor Kazue Komiya
English Voice Actor Fay Lumley

Teodora (テオドーラ) is the Empress of the Valuan Empire. After the death of the previous emperor, her husband, she received the throne. She has a lust for conquest stronger than others, and, in the name of the Valuan Empire, holds the ambition to subjugate, unite, and reign the world. Very self-righteous and moreover a hysteric, she cannot stand anything that goes against her wishes. On one hand, she dotes her son Enrique, but on the other she will lay bare her wrath when he's being insubordinate.

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