Yafutoma (town)

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This article is about the Yafutoma town. For information on the airspace, see Yafutoma (airspace).
Yafutoma (town).jpg
Save Point(s) Yafutoma Port
Yafutoma Guest House
Cham(s) 1
Moonfish 1
Crew Moegi

People[edit | edit source]

There is a strong sense of contrast, a sense of Yin and Yang among Yafutomans. This can be seen by the contrast between the slight Moegi and robust Daigo, the extroverted Kirala and shy Urala, and various NPCs throughout town.

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Special Items[edit | edit source]

Shops[edit | edit source]

Jetah’s Weapons
Item Retail Price
Suiran Blade 7500 (DC)
Yin Wing 5930 (DC)
Blade of Slumber 5690 (DC)
Scale Mail 3990 (DC)
Soranchu Robe 3750 (DC)
Long Robe 4110 (DC)
Jade Swirl Ring 2960 (DC)
The Unseen Hand 2960 (DC)
Thorn’s Items
Item Retail Price
Sacrum Crystal 600 (DC)
Sacrulen Crystal 200 (DC)
Magic Droplet 40 (DC)
Magic Dew 400 (DC)
Risan Crystal 150 (DC)
Riselem Crystal 450 (DC)
Kan’s Ship Parts
Item Retail Price
Yamato Spirit 6700 (DC)
3'Cannon 4690 (DC)
5'Cannon 5110 (DC)
Serpent Torpedo 5360 (DC)
Bluheim Figure 5360 (DC)
Yafutoman Alcove 6700 (DC)
Concussion Bomb 200 (DC)
Deluxe Kit 75 (DC)
Gear Grease 500 (DC)
Rudder Grease 2000 (DC)